The Holidays are around the corner and hotels ready themselves

In keeping up with their promise with clients and the community, hotels create a tailor-made program with an objective to involve themselves in the festive celebrations that come with the holidays.

These arrive during the last month of the year, and it’s a time for hotels to wish their best to all, and to do what they can to give back to the community and those in need.

Including actions of good will is practically essential in any holiday program. For example, the hotel might offer guests the possibility to purchase items, or decorate the ultimate symbol of Christmas, with all the proceeds going to a selected charitable organization.

The last days of November are usually the time for preparations to begin, though planning began much earlier. A well-organized event, for example a gala reception for the lighting of the tree could indicate commencement of the holiday program, which will include a meticulous and sophisticated decorative theme.

The visible areas of the hotel, reception, restaurants and lounges, will display a colorful and festive setup, creating a holiday mood.

The hotel lobby will take an integral part in a program that commences in the morning. The dessert and delicatessen stand will be accompanied by a designated drink, according to the schedule.

The buffet will include themed occasions, and a special brunch during the weekends in December, with special attention paid to the presentation and festive details.

It’s important to keep children in mind during the holiday period. The end of the year holidays are generally family affairs and a special area for kids is always welcomed, especially if Santa Clause will be paying a surprise visit.

World class hotels with spa facilities can include these into the program. With proper marketing and advertising, they can design specials which promote a visit. For example, ‘Before and After Special Rejuvenation Facialwith all organic and biological products (for a limited time in December). The hotel will invite guests to buy the full set with a discount voucher for their next visit.

The Reception Desk can manage bookings related to the holiday program. They can also serve as a suggestive center for a selection of holiday gifts only available at the hotel, which guests may purchase for friends and family.

The holiday program will be on display on the hotel’s Interactive TV in the rooms, in public areas, elevators, etc.

Christmas Night is often considered the most elegant night of the year. The place selected for the celebration can vary based on the hotels’ possibilities, be it the lobby, ballrooms, buffet, beachside or pool side, etc. Invitations to the event will usually specify attire, usually formal at the very least.

F&B will serve its most sumptuous dishes which will include special drinks. The elite of the culinary team will be in charge of sending the message of ‘unforgettable’ during these times. The music, perhaps a dinner show, cocktails, and decor will create a unique Christmas environment.

December also brings with it New Years’, an evening of party, but a mandatory stop will still be at the dinner tables.

Hotels will again present exquisite dishes, all of these previously planned and part of the same holiday program. It is suggested to include any form of sparkling wine – and surely best to be ready to serve at least an hour before the main event, since many guests might want to secure best spots for the following party.

The night of New Year’s Eve follows the dinner and with the midnight countdown the party begins. Entertainment, live performances, or a DJ, come together with a complete selection of premium spirits, wines and beer.



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