Blog 76. Agradecimiento a la Dedicación

24 Mayo          Blog 76: It doesn’t matter whether it’s Saturday 11pm or Sunday 11am, you will still have to reassure the guest that you are there to serve them, even as a last minute order. Never say no, just find a solution. 99% of the time, guests will appreciate you with a we’ll be back. [...]


Leadership – A Course with no Title

In analyzing many company surveys which reflect what employees consider most important regarding the company they work for, the vision and reputation of its leader gets the highest marks, in many cases, even above company culture.  Others will note the workplace environment. Brand image is beginning to come in as secondary in importance, in China, for example. Clearly, [...]

Caring for Gluten Free in Hospitality

Celiac Disease refers to those who require a Gluten Free diet. Since August of 2013 the hospitality and F&B industry has continuously become more aware of this term, when the FDA established the exact amount of gluten an ingredient may possess to accurately be termed ‘Gluten Free’, this being under 20ppm (particles per million). In [...]

Backhouse Support in Hospitality

First Published: Dec 26, 2015 El concepto de Backhouse en la hospitalidad no va ligado a inmueble como tal; está relacionado al nivel de contacto que presentan distintos departamentos del hotel con los clientes, de modo más o menos directo. Existiendo en la hospitalidad una diversidad en tipos hoteles que superan la decena, los departamentos que generalmente [...]

Entrevista a un crítico

Entrevista a un crítico de restaurante - acaso no lo son todos los clientes?           Todo cliente pudiera ser un crítico. Todo crítico es primeramente un cliente. La entrevista aquí narrada es ficticia, pero de completa semejanza a un día de operación normal en la hotelería, restauración y al servicio en general. ¿Cuántas prácticas aquí descritas son parte de nuestro día [...]