Blog 76. Agradecimiento a la Dedicación

24 Mayo          Blog 76: It doesn’t matter whether it’s Saturday 11pm or Sunday 11am, you will still have to reassure the guest that you are there to serve them, even as a last minute order. Never say no, just find a solution. 99% of the time, guests will appreciate you with a we’ll be back. [...]


Leadership – A Course with no Title

In analyzing many company surveys which reflect what employees consider most important regarding the company they work for, the vision and reputation of its leader gets the highest marks, in many cases, even above company culture.  Others will note the workplace environment. Brand image is beginning to come in as secondary in importance, in China, for example. Clearly, [...]

La degustación de vinos – Arte y Magia

Wine dinners. Cuando uno es el anfitrión de este tipo de eventos, por experiencia personal se debe tener en la parte alta de la lista de prioridades los siguientes aspectos: - Detalles: Respeto a las tradiciones, i.e. hora exacta de la apertura de los vinos a degustar, etiquetas en sus decantadores, etc. - Setup: utilización correcta [...]